An interview cannot be obtained with our company without some type of professional I.T. certification. Additionally, our technicians go through a B2B I.T. certification process. We do not assign technicians that are not individually certified by us to adequately perform the requested service work. Each technician or designer has a competency certification by B2B I.T. Solutions to perform the assigned service work for a client’s project.

Wayne Leiser

As the I.T. Director of the Sarasota office, Wayne’s knowledge, skill level, professionalism and over 20 years of experience in the field surpasses most other technicians in the I.T. industry. He doesn’t leave a job unfinished and keeps constant communication with his clientele.

Wayne’s troubleshooting skills and dedication to the clients is unparalleled and he’s never met an issue he could not figure out when provided the opportunity.

Computer technician inspecting inside an open computer tower.

Jeffrey Chalfy

Jeff’s skill in troubleshooting and pinpointing hardware issues is amazing. He retains over 15 years in the field of I.T. working directly with clients.

In addition to his technical expertise, Jeff provides that additional flare that lets the client’s know he cares about their work and finishing their requested service work expediently. He goes the extra mile to deserve that 5 star rating clients keep raving about him.