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B2B I.T. Solutions performs onsite and remote service computer repair in Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas for both business and residential. We solve expensive billing issues relating to computer repair in Sarasota Florida. We designed, Pay by the Job, Not by the Hour. We travel onsite or remote into a computer, perform a computer evaluation and provide the cost of the service or repair prior to beginning work.

A severe issue of other computer repair companies who work in the profession of computer repair in Sarasota FL or surrounding areas is they charge by the hour. This, unfortunately, puts the end user at a disadvantage of hoping the technician isn’t learning at their expense. B2B I.T. stops that concern and allows the client to make a fully informed decision prior to the technician starting any service work.

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Our computer repair technicians are trained to speak 3 different languages; Techinese so we can speak to each other, non-technical terms so we can properly explain issues to the end user, and end-user language so we fully understand when we receive a call and are told the computer made a big bang and doesn’t work and it’s believed to be the comgobulator power inverter, which doesn’t exist in a computer.

Our Services

Pay by the job, Not by the hour!

Performance Optimization

Have you noticed your computer has started running slowly or locking up on you for no apparent reason?

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Home or Office Services

On site servicing and repair allow us to address your computer issues at your home or office without the need to bring your machines to us.

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Corporate Services

B2B I.T. offers a base order agreement to facilitate easy ongoing service, supply and repair for all your needs.

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