Have you noticed your computer has started running slowly or locking up on you for no apparent reason? B2B I.T. understands this and we can help you correct this situation.

Computers just like cars and other machines need regular maintenance to operate at their best. Regular use of the internet, e-mail and simply working with files and folders, result in gradual performance degradation due to the way your computer handles the information it receives and stores. This is perfectly normal and is not necessarily a reason to discard your computer just because it seems to be slower than it has been in the past.

Side profile of a computer technician doing performance optimization.

Within a reasonable and affordable budget, your computer can run like it was designed to do. Call B2B I.T. to arrange for a technician to come right to your work or home to correct the situation. Our expert certified technicians will rapidly assess your computer and advise you on what is required. Should you choose, one of our repair locations or drop off centers will always be available to book your computer in for an evaluation. See our section on Remote Service for other time saving options as well.