For our corporate clients, B2B I.T. offers a base order agreement to facilitate easy ongoing service, supply and repair for all your needs. Our base order agreement forms the foundation for ongoing work orders to be issued without the need for extensive contractual review each time services are requested or required. B2B I.T. structures these agreements to fairly represent both entities interests and form a platform for a long term mutually beneficial relationship. Base order agreements need only be signed once after mutual review.

A work offer is presented each time repair, upgrades or services are required based on the initial base order agreement. Any service, work or supply required is simply authorized on the work offer scope, with all the originally agreed terms of service and supply cross referenced to the base order agreement.

Computer technician standing in a corporate server room.

B2B I.T. offers a variety of maintenance and support plans allowing you to keep your computers running without worry or concern. B2B I.T. support plans are designed to save you time and money whilst keeping your computer systems safely maintained.

What we Will Do?

Answer: Work offers presented in terms of base order agreements are based on the following:

All work offers presented under base order agreements will be structured on the information presented by the client with respect to general requirements, specifications, performance parameters, design, installation, setup and testing of new or existing computer equipment, ancillaries and peripherals.
B2B I.T. will make every effort to correctly and completely present the scope of work offers, the associated costs, delivery times involved and any other information relevant to the desired work to be performed.

What will we avoid?

B2B I.T. shall not be responsible nor held liable for:

  1. Incorrect or omitted information received from the client.
  2. Delays as a result of incorrect or omitted information.
  3. Any penalties, payments withheld, late or non-payment as a result of the above.
  4. Any losses whether direct, indirect or consequential as a result of the above.

What if Something Goes Wrong?

Answer: Without prejudice to either parties, should it become apparent to B2B I.T. that information is missing, incomplete or incorrect, B2B I.T. undertakes to timeously inform our corporate clients and present any required adjustments to work offers in a fair and equitable manner in terms of the base order agreement.

Is there a cost for the computer evaluation?

Answer: As long as you have the servicing work performed with B2B I.T. to repair the issues on your computer, the computer evaluation is 100% free of charge. However, if you decide not to have any servicing work performed by B2B I.T. Solutions on the computer or if we repair the issue whilst evaluating the computer there is a $75.00 charge for that Computer Evaluation on a per computer basis.

Once such adjustments are agreed and authorized, using our simple work order format B2B I.T. will carry out the supply and services needed to keep your project on track and on time.