On site servicing and repair allow us to address your computer issues at your home or office without the need to bring your machines to us. Our on-site services provide the ideal platform for us to assess and correct computer or network issues in the environment where you work or live. Same day site and store service lets you get up and running when you can’t afford downtime and puts you in control when you need it most.

Call us first and let our experienced sales and management team arrange a professional computer evaluation for you at your home or office. One of our sales staff will arrange an appointment date and time to dispatch a B2B I.T. Solutions certified technician directly to your front door.

Close up of computer technician hands repairing a home or office computer board.

B2B offer two options for on-site services:

  1. Next available service.
    B2B will schedule the next available date and time when a technician is able to travel to your residence or place of business.
  2. Same Day or Emergency Service.
    Same day or emergency service is a priority premium option When you can’t afford downtime, Same Day Service puts you in control when you need it most. Same day or emergency service must be specifically requested to receive this option. B2B will arrange to dispatch a technician to you on a priority basis as soon as practically possible, either immediately or within a few hours of your request. As this means other appointments and work schedules need to be adjusted to accommodate your request this service is charged at a higher rate.

For either option our certified technicians will perform a full computer or networking evaluation and explain why the issues you are experiencing with your computer or network are happening and give you a clear idea of what is involved and the best and most cost effective route to follow to repair any problem areas found. We will explain what is found and what needs to be done in non technical terms wherever possible.

What we will need from you to arrange an onsite serive.

Our sales team will need some basic information from you to dispatch a technician to site. This can be provided over the phone or online. We will require the following as a guideline:

  • Company Name (if applicable)
  • Full Name
  • Address where services are required
  • Minimal of two phone numbers where either the point of contact for the service can be reached
  • Basic description of the issues you are encountering.
  • An indicative requested time for the site visit to take place with an estimated three hour window for the technician to show up.
  • Basic information on the computer or equipment you are using.
  • A personal or business related email address.

Important Notes:

  • B2B will always call in advance before dispatching a technician to your home or office to confirm the appointment. If we are unable to reach you we will endeavor to leave a message on a voicemail or answering machine for you to contact us confirming the appointment. B2B will not dispatch a technician without a confirmation.
  • A person at least 18 years or older must be present at all times while work is being conducted on your equipment.

What to consider when choosing your service options:

Once an appointment has been arranged B2B will allocate a date and a time frame for the on-site or remote visit. Next available dates and times can be found by calling us during standard business hours.

Our standard business hours are:

Monday to Friday: 9AM to 5PM
In certain circumstances on-site time slots are available outside of these hours or for same day or emergency services. Call our sales team for details of available times or for same day / emergency service.
Outside of our standard hours a voicemail can be left. Please leave your contact details, a message discussing a short description of the issue, whether you require same day or emergency service and one of our standby staff will contact you as soon as we receive your message.

Is there an additional cost for onsite servicing?

Yes, B2B charges an onsite call out charge for dispatching a technician to your home or office. This charge is dependent on your location and the type of service you require. For locations outside of Sarasota a higher rate applies. Same day or emergency call outs are charged at a higher rate than next available service. B2B will always endeavor to keep call out charges as reasonable as possible to provide you with the best possible service.

Important Notes:

  1. Service repairs are dependent on parts for your computer or hardware being available. Lead times begin on receipt of parts by B2B. B2B does not have control of manufacturer build times nor shipping lead times and these will be quoted as they are received by us.
  2. When you request same day service and authorize B2B to proceed, you also authorize B2B to purchase all hardware and parts needed to complete the services you have requested without further notification or authorization.

All services and/or repairs are subject to our standard terms and conditions.