Computer cabling services may seem like an easy task but it is not. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill that is required to know when performing computer cabling services for clients. The technicians must know where they can and cannot drop the cable, what is behind the walls and above the ceilings, what other cables are okay to run the computer cable next to and which are not.

When cabling is incorrectly installed by a computer cabling services company, the client is the one to suffer the consequences. Our cabling technicians are skilled with 20+ years in the field of cabling. They know the limitations of CAT5e vs CAT6a and Fiber Optics. Our technicians have gone through a certification process to understand the differences between STP and UTP cabling along with why thickness of cable matters.

Computer cables plugged into service equipment.

B2B I.T. Solutions is the preferred computer cabling services company because we take into account all factors and training when running cable. We know the difference between running good cable and bad. We will ensure that your cable is run throughout your business or home just like we would run it at our place of business. Our technicians do not take shortcuts and do take cabling very seriously.