A good corporate video company can help interpret and mold the thoughts behind what the client is saying into reality on the screen. B2B I.T. Solutions is one of the few corporate production companies that listens to their clients and produces a quality video production designed around the clients requests. We encourage our clients to become a corporate video company team member while their production is created.

Another sign of good corporate production companies is allowing their clientele to experience first hand what it takes to create and produce these high quality videos. We keep our clients apprised step by step of what is happening with their video production. We want them to know how there is a corporate video company out there that cares about their opinion and produces a quality video production for their request.

Professional videographer working outside at a corporate video company.

Communication and security is the key component of any good corporate video company. We keep our clients apprised of their video production through encrypted communications. Some corporate production companies charge absorbent rates for video production. These rates often cut the smaller self-run businesses out of the loop. Our corporate video company uses a unique method of billing allowing for affordable video production for smaller sized clientele.

There is so much demand out there for a good corporate video company, it may be difficult to pick out what companies to work with and for which ones to not. A good strategy when reviewing any type of corporate video company is to request to see previous work from the company but this may not always be possible. We provide our clients with the option to allow us to show their videos to other people. Most clients do not choose this option presumably because they like their privacy while a select few clients are happy to let us share our work for them with potential clients.

Budgets and cost is a factor that comes into play. The rule of thumb comes into play here is you get what you pay for and that holds very true in the video production industry. So what should you expect to pay a corporate video company? This is such a severe range that no single statement will encompass every company. Let’s talk about the most common methods of payments which are hourly and by the production minute. When discussing by the production minute, this is a charge where the finalized minute determines the outcome of the video and there is a LOT of work put forth in these videos so this a very strict method of billing. This type of billing usually keeps the cost down to below $5,000 for 3 minute video production. That may sound like a lot but the typical corporate video company does not just put something together willy nilly. A company like ours must perform several steps and lots of work before that production come to life.

Beginning Stage
We work directly with the client side by side and review their exact requirements and expectations for the video production. We get extremely familiar with their product or service and this takes a lot of meetings. These meetings take a lot of time so there is a severe amount of time put into a project before we’ve even started researching.

Research and Development
There is an enormous amount of time spent in the research and development stage to ensure we have the proper video clips, proper people for the videos and the client will be extremely satisfied and happy with the video production they receive. This stage can take weeks of time to ensure we have a proper plan for the client’s video production.

Storyboarding comes after the research and development phrase and takes an extreme amount of time to create a timeline and explain to the client exactly how their video will look without putting the video together. Storyboards can take days of time to create. The client reviews the storyboard and approves it and requests to make changes. They can make as many changes as they would like at this stage and we have clients that make some major changes which delays preproduction by a couple of weeks while other clients are happy with what they see and make no changes whatsoever.

At this stage, we have spent 3 to 6 weeks preparing everything and researching. We are now ready to begin preproduction of the video. At this point, the designers know exactly what they must do to create the client’s video production, the staff knows their requirements and the supervisors know what protocols to follow to ensure this video is the best video production it can be for the client and the client is happy. The client can make minor changes to the video production with regards to timing, font style, etc. but no major redesign changes are allowed at this point without paying for the project and starting a new one.

Final Production
The client is happy with their video, the finalized production is created, all payments are completed and the video production is given to the client to utilize wherever they would like as they have full rights to that video.

This is a lot of work for a full team to ensure everything goes smooth for that client and you get all of that based on how long the video is and not by how many hours are worked. A good corporate video company will also sign legal binding documents preventing them from using any part of the client’s video production for another client.

The secondary most common method of billing is hourly. The same steps as mentioned above are completed by the clients are paying anywhere from $65.00 to $250.00 per hour for their video production. Normally, the corporate video company that is incorporating this type of billing has some type of cookie cutter templating system created so they are not spending weeks of time. They also don’t usually provide storyboards nor do they allow for unlimited changes from the client and the cost can be severely higher than $5,000 based on the time. Even at $65.00 per hour, at 3 weeks of time and only 40 hours a week the billing would still be around $7,800.00 for that 3 minute video production. So decide where you want your money to be spent.

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