Chalkboard Images

Images placed on a chalkboard canvas become grainy and sometimes unreadable to provide they appearance they were drawn with chalk. This is not always desired but how do you get rid of the grainy look on these images? Keep reading.

Reveal hand medium

Doodly provides two different mediums for revealing; chalk and marker. The chalk is what determines whether the image will be grainy. A chalkboard canvas only has a chalk as the option for medium therefore all images using a chalkboard will have that grainy look to it.

Chalkboard Image

Obtain a chalkboard image by either using one of the websites listed in my Working with Images video tutorial or by exporting a single blank scene in Doodly with the chalkboard with 10 seconds added at the end of the scene and then screenshot the image.

Whiteboard Option

A whiteboard only has a marker associated with it so the images will not appear grainy. When importing the image as an image asset and then stretching it over the canvas, just ensure to disable Erase Mode in the video settings and you have a chalkboard with nice clean images.

Note: Using the whiteboard option will make so grid cannot be seen because the image asset will cover the entire canvas.

Custom Background Option

The same image as mentioned above can be utilized as a custom background image by choosing the custom canvas and selecting background image. Browse to the image on your computer and resize the bounding box to cover the canvas.

Note: The custom background option will allow for the grid to be utilized. This method does not require Erase Mode to be disabled but it does require the marker to be selected as the medium which means the hand will appear to be drawing on a chalkboard with a marker.