Choosing Reveal Hands/Arms

This document will show the differences between the reveal arms, also synonymously referred to throughout this document as reveal hands or drawing hands. It will provide suggestions for use within the program and the pros and cons of the different types of reveal arms.

Skin Tone

First thing we notice is we do not have different shades of skin tone available. If the knowledge of video editing is available we can change the skin tone to our desired look but that requires more of an advanced approach and is outside the scope of this document.

Arm Type

There are two different types of Arms; Realistic and Cartoon with Cartoon coming in 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional.

Choosing the Arm Type

This depends on the application. If we are creating a professional, business related medium for which we would like to send people, that have never heard of our product or service, to gain more business or potential customers then we probably want to shy away from the cartoon hand and go with a realistic approach; unless of course we are a cartoonist.

  • Are we attempting to impress our friend with the newfound skills, the cartoon hands make an excellent choice.
  • What type of canvas are we using? Cartoon hands don’t do well on a glass board look but they do excellent on a contrasting chalkboard canvas. Are we using a custom canvas with a bright color then a cartoon hand may be exactly what is desired.
  • Are we including a lot of funny GIF animations in our non-professional doodle? The 3D cartoon hand may make for an excellent choice.

Writing Medium

There is no easy method to change out the writing medium. This will require extremely advanced skill levels with a professional video editing software like Adobe Premier. We can choose the best option for our doodle or video production. In knowing the medium in which we want, we can better decide what reveal arm to choose. Do we want a thin marker or a thick marker, how about a pen or or what appears to be a colored pencil?

Reveal arms can only have 1 writing medium.

Note: Choosing best medium and reveal arm for your doodle is important.

If a voiceover is accompanying the doodle and we have a heavy African American accent then choosing a tanned Caucasian reveal arm that covers the entire canvas when it reveals items may not be the best option.

If we have a heavy robotic sounding TTS then a 3D cartoon reveal arm may be the better option for the doodle.

If we have a woman voiceover, perhaps we would like a woman reveal arm instead of a manly reveal arm with a bunch of hair on the arm?
Reveal Arms Pros

  • A lot of options
  • Different mediums
  • Different clothes


  • Most reveal arms are the same arm in different clothes.
  • Most of the writing mediums are the thick marker