23. Is there a limit to how long I can make a doodle?

No but Doodly starts to get laggy when you go more than 10 scenes and that lag gets worse the more scenes you add. Doodly starts to seriously screw up when you are using the duplicate function a lot or get over 100 scenes in a doodle.

Note: Doodly has a severe issue with Audio in larger projects. Make sure the audio is staggered on two different audio timelines and it is suggested to export the audio separately from the video.

<TECHINESE WARNING>The amount of scenes is directly related to and is severely limited by how much memory is in your computer. This is because every asset and every scene is stored directly in memory in your computer so if you only have 8GB of memory (Hard drive storage is not memory) then that is not enough memory to handle more scenes.</TECHINESE WARNING>

Read our Doodle Length written tutorial.