38. How do I use Doodly on my iPad/Android or other Tablet?

Doodly does not have an option for directly “installing” onto an iPad/Android or other tablets but if you want the ease of use of an iPad/Android or tablet you can use a couple of work-a-rounds.

iPad/Android Tablets

Install VNC Server on your desktop. Install VNC Server on your desktop

Install VNC Viewer on your iPad. Install VNC Viewer on your iPad

Install VNC Viewer on your Android tablet. Install VNC Viewer on your Android tablet

Note: This will allow you to remote into your computer from your iPad or Android tablets and you can open Doodly as if you were sitting at your computer but control it from your tablet.

There are two other pen tablets you can purchase that will allow you to connect the tablet directly to your computer and act as a secondary monitor but tablet style. These non-touch, pen only tablets are not standalone and need to be attached to a computer but they will provide you the feel for working with a pen only tablet instead of a computer.

Huion Kamvas Pro 22

XP-Pen 22 Pro

Touch Computers

If you’re not opposed to really spending some money, you can look into purchasing either Microsoft Surface Tablet or a Thinkpad Pen Pro which both give you the feel for working within the Windows environment but on a tablet.

Touch Monitor

Note: If you want the feel of a tablet but don’t want to spent the money on a tablet, there is the Dell 24" touch monitor P2418HT. It is a 1920X1080 touch screen that connects to the computer via a HDMI and USB and can act like a touch screen at half the cost of the other pen displays listed above.