40. I cannot find something in the marketplace or how do I find something in the marketplace?

This answer goes into an advanced trick using the power of Google to search the marketplace instead of the marketplace itself.

Searching the marketplace is a disaster so here is a trick to make your searching a bit easier. This method will not solve the searching inadequacy but will make it easier for you to find something by utilizing the power of Google.

If you use google you can type in: site: doodly.com/marketplace search-term

For example, using google looking for military would be: site: doodly.com/marketplace military

Google will return the other popular search terms people have used associated with “military” when looking for something in the marketplace and bring you to the bundles the Doodly marketplace has associated with those terms.

Example: Google Search

Google returns “military army soldier”, “military”, “U.S. Soldier” & “Drone Pilot” which will then be used to automatically search the marketplace. Those are 3 more keyword phrases you didn’t need to think of so that helps quite a bit.

Then you click on each of the google links and you will see the bundles associated with that term and just click on each bundle and use your back button in your browser to return back.

Note: This method makes it easier and allows you to filter through the terms much faster.

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