Green Screen Techniques

This documentation explains about an advanced skill level technique, provides examples for its use, provides methods to accomplish it and provides a video for demonstration.


Use of Video Editing software with chromakey or Ultrakey capability.

What is a green screen?

This is a chosen color that can be used to remove the background. It was determined by people in the field that green would be the best color to use to remove the background when video editing. It works really well as long as your assets are not wearing green.
You can see an example of a green screen mistake in my Doodly Bugs and Frustration Video or in the full version of my Doodly Walkthrough but it is quick and you will miss it if you are not watching closely.

These video links will take you directly to green screen error.

Why would I use a green screen?

Green Screen will allow you to replace a a background or object with something else. For example, you want to display the drawing arm on a different background that is not offered by Doodly, like ones that you can pick up from Production Crate:

You can see an example of this in the same Doodly Bugs and Frustrations Video tutorial

What is Chroma or Ultra Key?

These are terms used within video editing software to key out specific colors. Anything placed on a layer behind the video will show up behind the doodle drawing. Chromakey is used with almost any video editing software. Ultrakey is currently only used for Adobe Premier.

Do you have a Green Screen video tutorial?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Why, yes is I do.
Doodly Advanced Video Tutorial: Green Screen Techniques