Insert a Video into a Doodle

Doodly supports several methods of including a movie in your doodle. This documentation provides those methods with pros and cons of each method.

GIF Animation

Converting a video to a GIF animation will provide native Doodly support for importing the video into Doodly.
Pros: Doodly has native support. No editing involved. Basic skill levels required.
Cons: No audio support, Only 256 Colors.

Green Screen Techniques

Using a green screen will allow for removing the green screen and inserting something in place of the green screen removal. This involves leaving enough end of scene time to allow the video enough time to play before transitioning to the next screen and removing the video before the transition takes place.
Pros: Most accurate method, allows for wonderful effects, millions of colors, supports audio.
Cons: Involves Video Editing, Advanced editing skills required., needs proper timing in Doodly.

Helpful video:

Proper Planning

Similar to a green screen but a lesser skill level is required. Leave a spot in the doodle for the video to be inserted and enough delay or end of scene time for the video to run properly. Import the exported .mp4 file into a video editing software program and insert the video.
Pros: Easy, supports millions of colors, supports audio, intermediate skill level
Cons: Needs proper timing and lengthy setup in Doodly.