This is an extremely important part of Doodly. Imported props, characters and audio can get out of hand fairly quickly. There are areas within Doodly where you can be organized fairly easy like the folders in the initial interface or my videos area. There is a my library link in the Categories tab that helps us but doesn’t really solve the issue with getting organized in Doodly.


Trying to remember the name for the imported props and characters in Doodly for all the projects that have been created is a next to impossible task. Trying to remember which audio files you need to include attribution is equally impossible.


Use labels. If you have a client, use:
Client Mary Smith: Table Top instead of just table top
If you have a general prop use General: Grand Piano instead of just Grand Piano.
If you need to include attribution for an imported audio file then a naming convention or label will assist with remember when you use that file you need to include attribution such as:
Music: Heaven Sound Attr. Spanac


By using labels, we make it easier to find the items later because we only have to remember 1 keyword phrase instead of 100’s of them.

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