Pan and Zoom

This documentation provides basic instructions for the use of Pan and Zoom. Watch our Pan and Zoom video tutorial for more detailed information than this documentation.

Doodly Beginner Video Tutorial: Pan and Zoom
Note: This should be named Pan, Tilt, Zoom or PTZ. This documentation will refer to it as PTZ.

Pan: Left or Right movement.
Tilt: Up and Down movement.
Zoom: Increase or Decrease the depth to the canvas.


PTZ is all about focusing the viewers attention and not special effects but it can be use to create pseudo special effects.


  • Zooming into a specific area on the canvas to focus the viewers attention on that spot.
  • Pan to another area on the canvas.
  • Tilt up and down on an asset.
  • Create a scrolling credits effect.
    Watch our Scrolling credits video tutorial for more information on how to accomplish this effect.
    Doodly Advanced Video Tutorial: Scrolling Credits


This can be used to provide certain animation like a plane flying or a bicyclist moving across the canvas.