Reveal Paths

This documentation explains about reveal paths and provides the pros and cons for them.

What is a reveal path?

This is the path set to allow the hand to follow to make it appear the hand is drawing an image into the canvas. This is the power behind the Doodly. This one feature is what creates those amazing reveals that make it look like an artist is drawing into the canvas.

How do I get to the reveal paths?

Click on an asset that is on the canvas to reveal the options above it.
Click the Edit (pencil) icon on top of an asset and this will bring you to a screen that focuses on the reveal paths.

What type of assets can have reveal paths?

Imported image or character assets. Although there are reveal path options shown for Doodly provided assets, they already have their reveal paths and rainbow paths built in so it is best not to mess with Doodly provided assets.

What do I need to know about reveal paths?

  • They take a long time but are well worth the effect.
  • Don’t be afraid of path points. The more path points, the smoother the reveal.
  • The more path layers (reveal paths) the more realistic it will seem.
  • Doodly will crash with too many path points. I’ve been able to go in excess of 250 without a crash.
  • SVG images can sometimes have their own path points.
  • Doodly can load SVG Image path points if they exist.
  • SVG image path points can look unrealistic.
  • SVG image path points can be very extensive. I’ve seen them load in excess of 4,000 path points which brings Doodly to its knees.
  • Be careful with the path size. Too big or too small of a size and the reveal will not look realistic.
  • Use the preview and the duration animation.
  • Be careful of sharp corners. These will show up on the canvas during the reveal. Watch my Fathers Day Treasure Hunt Scene 1 to see an example of this.
  • Reveal paths only needed to be created 1 time per asset.
  • Fathers Day Treasure Hunt

We have a video dedicated to Reveal Paths.

Watch that video for more detailed information.


Once mastered, they look amazing and professional.


  • They take a VERY long time.
  • If not done correctly, they don’t look good.
  • It takes a bit to master this technique.
  • They will make your doodle render quite a bit longer.