B2B I.T. Solutions provides both custom and templated ecommerce website designing for our clients. As an ecommerce web development company, we take security and privacy very seriously. Our ecommerce web developers ensure our client software development meets or exceeds standard security protocols to minimize or eliminate malicious intentions from nefarious types. Security is a primary concern of our developers when developing an ecommerce website.

When choosing an ecommerce web development company, ask questions like how long have they been working in the business, how many ecommerce web developers do they have on staff and what experience do they have with ecommerce website designing. If the company is a “set it and forget it” and just installs pre-built ecommerce software, this may be a red flag about lack of experience in security.

Ecommerce website design image depiction showing computer, mobile phone and tablet.

An ecommerce web development company should have more experience than just installing software. The company’s ecommerce web developers should have a significant understanding of how to manipulate the ecommerce software without affecting the core files which may get overwritten upon upgrading the software. B2B I.T. Solutions works with ecommerce web developers that have the knowledge and think about the client and their customers safety first.