Trying to find an explainer video production company in Sarasota used to be difficult until now. B2B I.T. Solutions is that explainer video production company for which you are searching. We create promotional video productions for our clients that are both eye catching and entertaining to the viewer, while using proven marketing tactics to get the intended message to them with minimal distraction. Our explainer videos help obtain customers.

Creating explainer video productions is a time consuming process but the billing doesn’t need to follow along with the absorbent amount of hours spent creating these promotional video productions. Our unique billing platform allows you to pay for the production minute instead of an hourly charge. Additionally, we only bill for services utilized when creating the finished product so the client doesn’t unnecessarily pay for other services they don’t need.

Explainer video production company with fire backdrop creating videos.

B2B I.T. Solutions video designers will create the client’s explainer video production with pinpoint precision of the client requests. We work directly with our clients on their promotional video production ensuring their message is contained within the video in a reasonable amount of time. Leveraging our experience as an explainer video production company with the clients knowledge of their product, service or message provides an amazing promotional video production.