B2B I.T. Solutions is a freelance web designing company. We work with several web development languages, databases and software packages providing a custom look and feel to the website design and not just another cookie cutter templated website. Using a freelance web designer or freelance web designing company is the best choice to obtain the custom requirements of any business. We understand a templated website doesn’t fit every business.

We meet with the clients to ensure their requirements are understood. We create wireframes and submit them for client approval. Once the wireframes are completed, we assign the most qualified and best web designer as a frontend freelance web designer and a separate server side freelance web designer that meets the client requirements. Our clients are kept apprised of our progress every step of the process.

Freelance web designer and developer image displaying a computer, HTML, CSS, PHP, Website development and the words Freelance Work on the screen.

B2B I.T. Solutions will set up a staging development site where our freelance web designer can bring the clients dream to life on the web. The client will use an encrypted communications platform to speak directly to our management team. We believe through direct communication, this allows for our clients to have the best web designing experience possible and ensure all their change requests are met expediently.