B2B I.T. Solutions is an IT consulting company unlike others. We keep consistent communication with our clientele and our clients have direct access to our technicians. We put our clients first above anything else and ensure their computers are running smoothly. As an IT consulting company, we understand clients rely upon their computers immensely and how costly downtime can be to the client. We rectify any issues immediately.

Here at B2B I.T. Solutions, we don’t stop with just computers, we offer IT network consulting and other services. What good are your computers if your network infrastructure is running badly? We offer network evaluations and repair as part of our IT network consulting. We will review your network, pinpoint and resolve the problem areas or provide the client with a plan for future implementation.

IT consultant testing the Square reader for the client.

We are your one stop shop for an IT solutions consulting company. Our technicians have the skill, understanding, knowledge and drive to ensure your computers and network stay optimally functional to enhance your work performance. With more than 20 years experience as an IT solutions consulting company, our clients love to take advantage of our cost effective prices, excellent customer service and overall excelled knowledge of Information Technology.