Top IT managed service providers are extremely difficult to come across. There are hundreds of thousands of companies out there but most of these “top IT managed service providers” simply outsource their technicians to less than qualified foreign companies that hire less than qualified technicians. B2B I.T. Solutions hires only qualified and certified technicians to work with our clientele. Each technician is trained and certified by us, in house.

A “top managed service provider” technician should not put the client on hold for 20 minutes while they discuss what to do with their manager. B2B I.T. Solutions’ technicians have the ongoing training and knowledge to pinpoint and resolve client issues immediately so the clients can get back to work expediently. Our technicians believe in prompt action and do not believe in putting clients on hold for 20 minutes.

A group of IT technicians in a Managed service provider service room.

As a managed service provider of several hundred computers and servers, businesses rely on our technician’s knowledge and skills to quickly solve problems that randomly appear daily. If problems didn’t occur on a computer, there would be no need for IT managed service providers, like our company. Call us today and find out what it is like to work with a top managed service provider that cares about their clientele.