Networks, like computers, have problems. Windows updates constantly cause problems on our networks. When problems arise there needs to be a network consulting company to rely upon to get the network back up. Windows updates are a catch 22. We must keep our operating system software up to date otherwise we leave ourselves open to network viruses and hack attacks but when we update sometimes our computer doesn’t boot up.

Clients constantly tell us that B2B I.T. Solutions is an amazing network consulting company. We are able to walk them through repairs over the phone, remote into the computers or devices, create a work-around for them and work with other companies to ensure their business is running smoothly. When clients call, they receive understanding, skill and knowledge from a professional network consulting company and not excuses or “reasons why”.

Network consulting supervisor training two new employees.

B2B I.T. Solutions prides itself on customer satisfaction. Taking customer service to the extreme and treating everyone the exact way we expect to be treated. We find IT network consulting technicians tend to have a superiority complex that we do not find professional. Our IT network consulting technicians talk to the client as an equal and not down to them. We explain things in non-technical terms and not Techinese.