Installing a network is more than just connecting a couple of cables and devices together. There’s a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill networking installers must possess to allow the client computers to traverse optimally across those cables and devices. Our B2B I.T. Solutions network installers possess that knowledge and skill. We take extreme care when setting up your network. Your success is a direct reflection of our service.

We ensure our network installers complete and test the job to ensure the client’s network runs smoothly. B2B I.T. Solutions network installers are trained in troubleshooting to pinpoint problematic issues that may cause suboptimal performance. Our network installers work together and review each and every protocol set forth by our company to limit the number of issues that may arise for computer traffic traversing over the network.

Network installer working on network equipment.

A network installer should understand firewall configuration, shielded vs. unshielded cable, network topology, managed and unmanaged switches. Our network installers are trained in these devices and many more to ensure our clients networks are optimally connected and running smoothly. Clients rely upon us to troubleshoot and pinpoint issues that arise after the network installation is complete. Should there be an issue, our networking installers are always there to help.