It may be a difficult decision when reviewing local video production companies. Our customer service and dedication to our clientele allows us to compete at the top of that list. Some questions to ask when reviewing local video production companies may be:

  1. What do they offer?
  2. How does the process work?
  3. What are the costs involved?
  4. Are the costs by the hour or by the finalized production minute?

How do you find production companies near you? This question is answered easily enough. We are right here. The search is over. You’ve found us. We are the affordable production company near you for which you seek. We take a very different approach to video design. Want to know our secret? We listen to our clients and are a high quality multimedia production company located in Sarasota FL.

Drone with cameras as depicted in this image are one tool for production companies.

There are several local video production companies from which to choose but they can be costly. All will provide really well done videos but, at B2B I.T. Solutions, we ask our clients to get involved in the project providing that one on one experience at a cost effective rate that doesn’t break the bank. We create amazing solutions and ensure that our clients are happy with their video production.