Hiring a proper website development company takes more than just Googling and checking a few reviews. First, we must know if the term website development is the proper terminology for the company we wish to hire. There is a distinct difference between a website design company, website development company and a website development agency. B2B I.T. Solutions is a one stop shop; we cover all terms.

A website design company is concerned with the user experience and the aesthetics of the website design. That type of company is concerned with how well the website interacts and looks to the viewer. A website development company is concerned with how well the website functions, where the data flows and let’s make this error free when someone clicks a button. Website development typically revolves around server-side coding.

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A website design agency is all about developing the website with the search engines and marketing in mind. Their world lives around the marketing world, bringing users to the website as viewers and converting those viewers to buyers. While the website design agency’s goals are similar to a website design and website development company, the agency takes the design aspects just a bit further with an understanding of SEO marketing.