WordPress is complex and confusing, especially if you haven’t worked with it for years figuring out what not to do in the software. Our WordPress designers have studied for years figuring out what to do and what not to do as a WordPress website designer. We understand why the requirements are set in WordPress and our WordPress website designers know how to properly use it when designing our clients websites.

When looking for a WordPress designer near you, ask how much experience the WordPress designer has had working with WordPress. Ask the WordPress designer if they know what a child site is and why it is required when setting up WordPress. Ask questions about security and about WordFence as well as the addons that must be purchased to keep your site safe from hackers and other persons with malicious intent.

Showing the wordpress logo on laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile phone for people looking for website designers near me.

A true WordPress designer knows what addons are required to keep the site secure and safe. If the self-proclaimed WordPress website designer isn’t aware of any addons that must be purchased after building the site, it is probably a safe bet to keep looking for a new WordPress website designer. B2B I.T. Solutions makes its clients aware of all safety protocols and additional costs for addons when using WordPress.