Choosing Color Combinations

The article explains how to choose the correct color combinations, provides some cheat sheets to making the correct decisions and provides some bad color combination choices.

Complementing Colors

This is not as easy as you may think. One of the biggest things to consider when going beyond Doodly is color combinations. A bad color combination can cause people’s eyes to hurt like Bright green on a black background. While the designer might think, “Well, I want to make sure this pops”, it is probably not a good idea to pop the eyes out of the viewers head when they try and watch the doodle. Complementing colors are colors that are on the opposite side of the Itten color circle.

What is the Itten Color Circle?

Created by Johannes Itten, a teacher at the most prestige art school in Germany in 1919. This Swiss painter was known for the theories he created and taught in his classes. This color circle is designed to be a beginner level cheat sheet in complementing colors. The Color Wheel Company has an amazing chart that can be used to for beginners to start their learning process all about complementing colors. The Ultimate Color Combinations Cheat Sheet

Trending Color Palettes

The best way to know for which colors your viewers will approve is to look at others. has a trending color palettes that allows us to see which colors others believe work the best. Check it out. They even have a palette generator but it can be considered on the complex side of the spectrum for using it. Trending Color Palettes

Bad Color Combinations

These are combinations of colors that will hurt your eyes or drive you away if we were to use them in our video. If there are questions as to whether something is good, ask in the Doodly Users Group or ask your friends and see if they like them.