Writing a Script Process Flow

This document shows one possible process flow for writing a script. It does not make claims that this is the only process flow for writing a script.

Planning Stage

Figures out what is to be included in the doodle or video production, the order in which the sequences will take place and the type of doodle or video production such as a tutorial, screen record, video production with Doodly as an accent software or a 100% doodle.

Once the planning stage is completed and we know exactly what the video we look at the type of video because this will determine in order order we need to write the script.

Type of Video

In almost all videos, except for screen records, we would write and record our script first and then make our video around the script. In a screen record, such as a tutorial or walkthrough, writing the script comes after the screen recording is completed. This document will continue as if a screen recording is not the chosen video type.

Time Limit

We notate whether there is a time limit on this video production we need to keep.

Chapters and Titles

We create chapters in our video. These don’t need to be physical or digit chapters. These are areas that we are aware the doodle or video production changes subjects. When the video production changes subjects, our new chapter begins and the old chapter ends. We give these chapters names and would write these chapters down. My preferred writing software is Sublime Text 3 but I’ve done them in Microsoft Word and Google Docs as well.


We know about what we want to happen in each chapter and what we want to say but now it becomes time to decide and estimate for how much time we want to spend on each scene within the chapter. If there is a time limit on the we break down about how long we would like to spend on each scene.

Simplify the Video

We simplify our video into sub-sections or scenes. We have an idea in our head of what we want each scene to contain or talk about. Each scene will have its own script. By simplifying the video we make it easier to maintain and keep organized.

Writing the Script

Write the script. Read the script out loud and test the length of the script with a watch or stop watch.
Note: It is a good idea to have a family member or fried read over the script and to put the script into Microsoft Word or Google Docs for spelling and grammar errors.

Behind the Scenes Video Tutorial

Watch this behind the scenes video tutorial for more information and a full discussion of this process.