Preparing a Storyboard

Explains about preparing for creating a storyboard for clients or a doodle, why storyboards are important and how to create wireframes. This article will discuss more based on the premise of speaking to a client rather than creating personal doodles but the concept works for both.

What is a Storyboard

This is a series of images from which you create your video production or doodle.

Do I need a Storyboard?

When creating a doodle for yourself or your own needs then no.
When creating a doodle for a client, absolutely.

Why can’t I just create the storyboard inside Doodly?

It is much easier to create and send storyboard images, even if they are screenshots of the doodle, prior to final production rather than rendering out the video. Clients can sign off on the doodle and get a feel for exactly what to expect in the final production.

How do I prepare to create a Storyboard?

We have spoken to the client. The client has given us their likes and dislikes. We have shown the client different types of videos to get a feel for what they want (or perhaps we don’t have any yet). Now it is time for wireframes and that is how we prepare for the storyboard.

What is a wireframe?

Literally boxes and text on a page explaining the very basics of what will go into that spot in the storyboard.