Choosing Fonts

Documentation teaches about the different aspects and choices of choosing different fonts and what to look for when choosing a font type for a doodle.


A bad font choice can ruin your video production while a good font choice and greatly enhance it.


First and foremost and above anything else, is the font readable? If a font is not readable, it is not good unless the font is intended to not be readable in the doodle. Choose a readable font that is easy on the eyes.

Font Typeface

There are 5 basic typefaces
1. Serif: Used for titles and body
2. Sans serif: Used for titles and body
3. Script: Used for titles
4. Monospaced: Used to display code but can be used for body and title
5. Display: Used for titles

Typeface vs Font

  • A font is a single font
  • A typeface is all the fonts included in that family of fonts.
  • These two terms are inaccurately used synonymously nowadays even regardless of the very apparent distinctions between them.

Note: Choose your font wisely. Ask your friends if it looks good. Post it in the dugout (nickname for Solo Boss Design Academy Facebook group) and ask people in the group if it looks good. They will provide honest answers.
Using fonts that are easy to read is one key point to an excellent video production.

Further Details about Font Type

Read the full blog from which the Font Typeface section of this documentation was derived.

Cameron Chapman; the Design Blog Editor shows examples of the different font styles. Typeface Classification