14. Can you change colors on the rainbow characters and other assets?

This is a very advanced technique and requires a lot of editing. Natively, Doodly does not have the ability to change the colors on the rainbow characters however there is a work-around that can be done with a bit of time.

  • Drag all the assets onto the canvas for which you would like to change their color.
  • Export this doodle at 1920px X 1080px at 100% quality at 60fps.
  • Play the video
  • Use the Snip and Sketch tool to snip the assets from the canvas and put them in a photo editor.

Here is where you have to make a choice. Either just import colors back into Doodly and line them up or import the entire asset back into Doodly with the new colors and recreate reveal paths.

  • Creating just the colors: Save each color for the asset as its own image. This is the more difficult method because you must line up the colors exactly to the asset and set Smart Erase to off and the rainbow mode for that asset to off unless you want to show the hand erasing the older color. This method will allow you the granular control of which colors get filled in and will make the drawing hand more realistic when coloring in an asset on the canvas.
  • Saving the entire asset: This is definitely the easier of the two methods but all reveal paths will now be gone when you import the image back into Doodly. This means the reveal paths must be created again and this takes a while to do properly.

Read our Changing Skin Tone Color written tutorial.