Changing Skin Tone Color

This document explains an advanced technique for changing the skin tone for Doodly characters. This article focuses on using Photoshop for the effect but any photo editor with similar capabilities can be used. At a worse case situation, this effect could even be completed in Microsoft Paint easily enough. This article presumes you already know how to use the software in the prerequisites section.


  • Snipping software
  • Photo editing software that allows for selecting and working with specific areas on an image.
  • Photo editing software that allows for color tone changes
  • Doodly reveal pathway creation
  • Image background removal expertise
  • Knowledge of different image filetypes

Note: As you’ve discovered, Doodly is not a photo editing software, audio editing software suite. First and foremost, it is reveal program with a nice effect and that is it! By limiting our expectations of this software and expanding our skills to other programs, we can create nicely designed effects the way we want them to appear.

This method is fairly straight forward and the provided image shows the steps.

Short Version:

Snip or Export from Doodly, Edit in Photo Editor, Select Skin, Change Color Level, Remove Background, Save from Editor, Import into Doodly, Create Reveal Paths.

Detailed Version:

Exporting or Snipping
Exporting from Doodly is the best option for the best result but in a pinch, snipping from the canvas will work. Read Intermediate Skill Level Doodly Tutorial #29: Rapidly Export Multiple Assets.
Any method chosen, ensure you’ve obtained the image outside the Doodly software.

Photo Editor
Import or Open the file in a photo editor. It is best if the photo editor can save or export as a SVG file otherwise have an additional method of converting the PNG file to a SVG. We are using Photoshop, which does not allow for exporting or saving as a SVG file.

Use the selections tool within your photo editor to select just the skin color.

Open up the Levels, Color Balance or other color editor options to change the color of the selection. Adjust these levels as necessary for the desired skin tone.

Remove Background
Ensure the background is removed from the image. This will allow the image to be used for any canvas.

SVG is the best method in which to save this image. Photoshop cannot save as a SVG file so we would need to send to Illustrator via Paths to Illustrator in Photoshop and then save the file as a SVG file. If the photo editor does not have the capability of saving as a SVG file, a PNG file will work perfectly well. PNG is just not as small, in file size, as a SVG.

Import into Doodly
Import the now finalized image back into Doodly and we either have to create our own paths or import the ones we created with our SVG file, if available.

Reveal Paths
Create your own reveal paths. Creating your own paths is better than the default scribble paths that come with Doodly. It allows for better precision on where the reveal hand is desired to provide the better appearance of realism in the effect.