Key Framing in Doodly

Key framing is an advanced level concept that requires the use of image manipulation software outside of Doodly to provide the appearance of animation inside of Doodly after importing the images. Learning proper key framing techniques will bring your doodles to the next level impressive.


Key Framing allows you to add animation effects to your doodles without sacrificing the color scheme like GIF animations. You can keep the millions of colors for quality and still have animation effects. It is a series of images played one directly after the other like the old paperback animation drawings. It is the same concept.


Key Framing is completed in the layers section and not using the scenes.


Adding motion to your doodles makes them extremely impressive. It takes time but watch the Scene Transitions video tutorial. All animation in that doodle was completed in Doodly with the exception of the part at the very end where I specifically state that it was Adobe Premier.

How To

The best thing to do is to watch my Scene Transitions video tutorial and that will walk you through the key framing process.
Doodly Beginner Video Tutorial: Scene Transitions
Multiple images that are slightly different from each other will be imported into Doodly. Ensure the naming convention is there like BlurredTransition01.png

Set the delay to 0 and the duration to 0.1s with the reveal mode to fade for each image in the layers section. This can be reversed so the duration is 0 and the delay is 0.1s.

Ensure to copy and paste each image so that is exactly on top of one another and then slide the next image asset on top of it and choose Yes, Replace.

You can also keyframe with masks as well but we will not get into that concept during this tip.