19. Can I insert or add a video or import a video into Doodly or Can I make a doodle with a transparent background?

Inserting a video into Doodly

The quick answer to this question is not at this time but this question has a couple of answers based on the situation.

a) Convert to GIF: While a .mp4 or .webm file with sound cannot be directly inserted into Doodly, if you don’t need sound and don’t care about the quality of the video, you can convert that .mp4 or .webm file to a .gif which is compatible with Doodly and insert that into Doodly but keep in mind that will reduce the quality of the video severely from millions of colors to a maximum of 256 colors and you will lose sound.

b) Use a video editing software: A better question might be; can I insert a video into a doodle? The answer to this is absolutely but not using Doodly. Doodly is not a video editing software suite so you will need a video editing software package. Leave a section and enough delay time for the next asset or enough time at the end of the scene in order to allow for the video to fully complete. Here are some free video editing software packages.

Using a Transparent Background

Doodly does not natively support alpha channels also known as transparency at this time. This next statement is an advanced technique and requires use of additional software and knowledge of alpha channels support for different file types like .webm as .mp4 does not support alpha channels. Using a green screen effect with either a Chromakey or Ultrakey (Adobe Premier), you can remove the background from your Doodly video and create your own alpha channels.

You can see an example of this here: Green Screen Effect Advanced Tutorial

Read our Insert a Video into a Doodle written tutorial.