2. How do I import a font?

  1. Find and download a font type to your computer. Google Fonts
    If you use any other website than Google, read the license agreement to ensure you are allowed to use that font and the font must be in a compatible format of a .ttf or .otf file. Not all .ttf or .otf font files are programmed exactly the same so some of those file types may not be compatible in Doodly. If they are not compatible, they will pull up squares instead of text and you’ll need to find a different font.
  2. Import your font file into Doodly.
    Make sure you know where you downloaded your font on your computer.
  • Open Doodly
  • Click on the text section on the left side
  • Click the + sign
  • Either click Browse files or drag the font type onto this section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rename your font here. This is the only chance you have to rename your font name. Some font files will contain multiple different styles and if that is the case, there is no option to rename them.

Read our Working with Font Types written tutorial.