36. What is the best resolution to export or Why are my videos shaking or wobbling after export?

Short Answer:

1920×1080 @ 60FPS & 100% Quality. Make sure you allow the video to run all the way through 1 time with the Show Preview to cache the video according to Doodly support technicians.

Detailed Answer:

The resolution above will be compatible with 99% of everything out there. 60FPS or Frames Per Second is double what the current recommended setting is in most video production software.

60FPS is suggested here because Doodly suffers from wobble or shaking effects. When exported at 30FPS, the images tend to get a wobble or shaking effect that isn’t desired after export and does not look good within the doodle. Let’s face it, after we spend that much time rendering the video, we don’t want to see the wobble effect.

A Doodly article recommended that you export at 60FPS when exporting 1920×1080. I can no longer find that article on their website.

Read our Correcting Resolution Issues written tutorial.