Correcting Resolution Issues

This document explains the concepts of resolutions and how to correct resolution between the canvas and the images in Doodly.

What is Resolution?

<Techinese Alert> It is a form of measurement for your screen and video designs. Your monitor and videos are made up in pixels (px). How many pixels go across and up and down on your monitor determines the amount of space the computer has to define an object on the canvas. If we only design our videos for 1000px X 1000px then we are telling to the computer to define our video within 1000X1000 pixels and that is it. So if someone enlarges our video to 3000X3000 then there will be 2000px that is undefined and the computer must now compensate for that and try to fill it in which results in our videos appearing blurry. This is same concept and argument for creating and video production less than 1920px X 1080px.</Techinese Alert>

Note: New Instagram users that are currently saying no, that’s not correct because Instagram requires (insert reason here), please read question #17, “How do I resize a video for Facebook or Instagram?” in our Doodly Top 50 F.A.Q. page.

How Do I Adjust My Resolution?

Video Settings. There is a spot for Resolution. Adjust that to the desired resolution. Custom will allow you to create a custom resolution.

Note: The Facebook & Instagram resolution in Doodly will automatically set your resolution to 1000 X 1000 but I’ve never found a place on Facebook where my videos must be 1000 X 1000. If you are aware of one for Facebook. Leave a comment in the Solo Boss Design Academy Facebook group so I can verify and correct it. All my videos have always been 1920 X 1080 on Facebook and they’ve always worked.

I don’t post on Instagram so I only know what I’ve read in the technical requirements on the Instagram website for posting videos and I cannot find anything that says I must have my videos at 1000px X 1000px on Instagram. Please feel free to correct me in the Solo Boss Design Academy Facebook group. I will verify whether it is accurate and then correct this note.

How Do I Set My 1920px X 1080px Background to Match My Instagram/Facebook 1000px X 1000px Resolution?

Doodly does not allow non-constrained proportion resizing methods due to the complexity of the revealing options. To accomplish this we need to over-enlarge the background. The beginner method of this will cut off some of the background and cause the reveal arm to draw outside the canvas.

  • Click on the background image to reveal the bounding box.
  • Use the bounding box to enlarge the background image.
  • Adjust the background image to the desired position.
  • Use the CTRL (Windows), CMD (Mac), to select each of the other assets on the canvas that need to now be adjusted and move those assets to their desired place on the canvas.

Note: If it is desired to not have the hand draw outside the canvas, either:
1. (Beginner Skill Level) select No Hand for that scene


2. (Advanced Skill Level) export just the background outside of Doodly, use a photo editor to crop it to 1000px by 1000px then import the image back into Doodly and recreate the reveal paths for that asset.
Intermediate Skill Level Doodly Tutorial #29 : Rapidly Export Mulitple Assets