9. How can I add a thumbnail to my doodle on Facebook (FB) or Instagram (IG)?


There are four methods for which I am aware to accomplish this request.

a) Let Facebook Choose: Facebook will automatically take the 1st scene as the Thumbnail so simply make the first scene your thumbnail that you won’t to appear. There are reports of Facebook taking the second scene in Doodly for the thumbnail so be aware of that when using this method.

b) Use YouTube: This is the only method for which you can create your own custom thumbnail. Upload your video to YouTube. YouTube allows you to create your own Thumbnail and upload it separately away from the video. Facebook will use this thumbnail. If you are creating a post, Facebook will show the entire thumbnail but if you are posting a link in a comment then Facebook cuts off the left and right side of the thumbnail and focuses only on the center of the thumbnail.

c) Select from Facebook Options.
These instructions came from another doodler. I have not had time to verify these exact steps in the instructions yet.


Once Video is posted on your timeline:

i) PLAY the Video


iii) PAUSE the video

iv) On the right-side panel, click on the 3 dots ( . . . ) to the right of your name

v) Choose EDIT VIDEO

vi) Choose one of the ten thumbnail options

vii) Click SAVE

Note: Now that I am aware there is a method like this, when I can figure out the business page instructions, I will update the answer question.

d) Using the First Scene in Doodly

These instructions are from another doodler:

i) Duplicate first slide

ii) Go to the new first slide and set all duration and delay time to 0/0 on all objects in the layers section.

iii) Set the Exit Animation in the Scene Settings to “None”.

Facebook will now use your first scene as your thumbnail and to your viewers, your second scene will appears as your first.


Create the Thumbnail in Doodly. This will typically be your first scene.

When uploading your doodle to Instagram there is an option for cover. Click cover and then you can slide to select the exact spot you want to be your Thumbnail.