10. How do I create motion or animate assets on the canvas?

Doodly is an image reveal program and not an animation program nor is it a video editing suite. It is not designed to animate the assets or create motion but there are multiple ways to provide the appearance of movement or animation.

GIF Images

These images can hold frames and add movement to a doodle but keeping in mind their color palette is limited to 256 colors.

Masking Techniques

This is an advanced technique that requires masking in Doodly, working with the delay and duration settings as well as creating a mask in a photo editing program.

A mask is an image that exactly matches a section of the canvas behind it. It is best to watch a video on how to accomplish this rather than trying to figure out how to accomplish this in text.

Doodly Beginner Tutorial: Animation in Doodly

In addition, if you really want to sell the animation, it will require snipping the asset from the exported video, editing the Doodly asset outside of Doodly to create each frame of animation, reimporting each frame back into Doodly and then masking the assets but if you are going to go through all that trouble, just create a GIF animation if you don’t mind the color limitation mentioned above.

You can see another example of motion in Doodly with our advanced level Green Screen and Masking video tutorial.

Read our Key Framing Animation in Doodly written tutorial.