Enhancement with Sidebars

Explains and demonstrates how sidebars can enhance our doodle and when to and not to use them.

What is a sidebar?

This is a stationary group of images or full image added to the left or right side of the canvas. This can provide functionality or be there strictly for design aspects.

Sidebar Use

  • Show the viewer what is appearing next like PowerPoint.
  • Aesthetics

Note: We can get creative with our sidebar by creating the imagery in our photo editor and simply change out the images the way we want them to show and then fade them into the canvas or use the none transition to bring them to life.

When not to use a sidebar

When you need space. Sidebars take up precious real estate on the canvas. This leaves less room for text. When creating a conversation between two assets, it might not be a good idea to have a sidebar.

Locating Sidebars

This is not an easy task. I had to create the ones you see in the image. I don’t find a lot of places to even view sidebars when researching unless it was for a website.