Using Borders and Frames

This article explains how to enhance your doodle with borders and frames. Provides where to obtain free for commercial use borders and frames for video production.

Why use a border or a frame?

This method of video design is an easy method to increase that viewer wow factor or enhance a doodle.

Differences between a border and Frame.

A border is typically an even width line around the outside edge of the video to enclose it and draw focus towards the center of the video whereas a frame is there to provide depth as well as focus. Assets will typically stay within the bordered area without touching the border, while with a frame, we can provide that jumping out of the scene effect by allowing assets to go on to the frame. That effect is typically effective with the asset reaches about the middle or beyond of the frame while still inside the frame. When searching for free for commercial use borders online, the image providers are not technically accurate with their descriptions and names so searching for frames will only bring up images of picture frames while searching for borders or border frames will bring up the images for which you seek.

To frame or not to frame?

This highly depends on the subject of the doodle or video production. A frame should enhance the doodle so if doodle is about disease then a frame that represents Christmas would not be appropriate. Not all doodles require frames or should have them. A frame takes up space on the canvas leaving less space for bigger text size or other assets on the canvas.

Where can I obtain frames?

By searching Google for Free for Commercial Use Vector Frame Borders or something similar. Here are some examples. Always read the licensing agreements to ensure use of the item is allowed.

A. Canvas Frames (Images of picture frames)
B. Frame Borders
C. Clipart Library
D. Vector Border Free Commercial Use