Pixel: A single unit of measurement typically in the shape of a square or cube.

Resolution: The total number of pixels, both height and width, displayed on a screen.

Viewport: The total number of pixels show on a website on a mobile device.

Exporting for Mobile Devices

There is a lot of misinformation about mobile devices being spread around in the DDG about resolution for mobile phones. This documentation is meant to clear up any questions that people may have for what resolution is a phone and what do I export for and should I export a smaller resolution for a mobile phone.

Today’s Mobile Devices

Mobile devices today are far superior than they were 10 years ago and this includes the resolution on those phones. This includes their screen resolution.

Suggested Mobile Device Resolution

As you can see by the chart, a 1920×1080 60fps 100% quality video resolution will cover almost all the current phones. Even if the phone resolution is smaller, the video will decrease itself down to adjust. We can decrease the size of a video without interfering with the quality of the video. If we attempt to increase the video to greater than exported resolution, the video will get blurry.


I’ve witnessed everything from support to users providing misinformation about resolutions on mobile phones. A 360p video will not properly cover a current mobile device.