None Transition

While the none transition may not be appear to be the obvious choice, it is very powerful. This transition can give way to some powerful effects and, in my opinion, is the 2nd most powerful option in Doodly for a transition. Camera panning, when they get the bugs out of it, is the 1st. The none transition is the most versatile exit animation in Doodly.


This exit animation or scene transition tells Doodly to just move to the next scene without any type of animation.


The none transition opens up a world of possibilities for you to create your own transitions. We have an entire video dedicated to Scene Transitions and Exit animations that will teach you the differences between them, how to optimally choose and how to create your own transitions. It provides tons of examples of me using the None transition throughout the entire video. All effects in that video were created using Doodly. Watch this video from beginning until the end to learn how to properly take advantage of this mostly looked over powerful feature in Doodly.

Some Suggestions

The none transition can be used to:

  • Change a character assets expression suddenly.
  • Blank out word bubbles.
  • Use a mask and fade the video out instead of transitioning out.
  • Create transitions outside of Doodly and import them into it.
  • Suddenly remove items from a scene without erasing them.