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Become a SoloBoss Content Provider

This is a unique opportunity open to everyone for free. It doesn’t matter if you speak a different language or are just beginning. So you’ve got some skills and want to share your voice with the world and make some money along the way. What’s next? How do you proceed? This article explains the next potential step in your video design career and how you can become a SoloBoss Content Provider.

Locating Resources

Any good content creator needs a lot of different resources. We need high quality sound effects and high resolution video and images to really bring our video productions to life. Unfortunately, as many places that are out there for free, we find these places lacking severely in the content they provide to us. The choices at most of the free websites are very limited. The Internet has become commercialized and a breeding ground for copyright and trademark infringement trolls. This forces us, as video designers, to be very careful of the content for which we use in our, for commercial use, videos. It is becoming more and more difficult every day to find free resources that match our creative minds. This is why SoloBoss pays for and provides its content provider team members with access to over 200,000 fully licensed sound effects, music and videos.
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Earning Revenue or Sharing Your Creativity

There are 2 reasons why we take all this time to make videos. We either want to share our videos and point of view with others or we want to try and make some money. Either way, we need to figure out how to accomplish this task. There are several methods to share your information and try and make money but let’s talk about some of these, in detail.

But let’s be real when we are discussing these because when is the last time you have ever heard of a doodle going viral? Never? There is a reason for that.


There are several methods to earn revenue or get your message on TikTok.
a) Going Live: We need 1,000 subscribers to go live and your subs can give you gifts that equate to money.

b) TikTok Creator Fund: This is a 1 billion dollar fund that TikTok created to pay out to its followers. We need 10,000 followers and 10,000 views in the last 30 days. We need to be 18 years old or older. Pays about $0.04 per 1,000 views.

c) Sponsorship: We send our media kit video to sponsors and see if they want to work with us. We had better be an influencer with a few hundred thousand followers to receive requests like this one. A media kit video talks about number of views per platform, what our brand is about and tells the sponsors about us and why they should choose us and give them our pricing.

d) Sell Products: We create different products and sell the products to our followers. Requires several followers to make this work.

e) Affiliate Marketing: We can promote products for which we are signed up to make money. This requires a lot of followers and only works as well as the affiliate marketing link. I know people have signed up through my production crate link but I haven’t seen any funds come in from that one and haven’t contacted them yet to see what the issue is so just ensure that you’ve gotten your affiliate marketing links tested.

2. Vimeo

There are two methods to make money from Vimeo.
a) Vimeo OTT (Anyone can sign up)

b) Vimeo On Demand (This requires a paid subscription)

Note: It would make sense that it is better to be well-known on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or other social platforms so that people know to search for you on Vimeo. It would make sense that Vimeo requires preparation prior signing up.

3. Facebook

The way to make money on Facebook is have ads within your videos but that cannot happen until you have 150,000 views on your videos.

4. Commercializing

Making ads or video productions for clients but how do you find these clients? This requires a tremendous amount of work and knowledge and the full scope of this answer is outside the scope of this article but to try and provide a short answer on this would be having a website or a place where clients can see samples of your work, knowing how to work the business side of Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Google Business, LinkedIn and anywhere else that will allow you to advertise for free.

Where can you obtain clients for free to see your work? Becoming a SoloBoss Content Provider doesn’t guarantee you clients. There will be potential customers viewing your video productions. If these customers like your work we will request to hire you for these customers. Sign up to become a SoloBoss Content Provider Here: SoloBoss Content Provider Sign Up Form

5. YouTube

It is very tough to make it on YouTube. Most of the time, I find very talented people that don’t know how to work YouTube so they find themselves with 10, 30 or even 100 subscribers after months of trying and that is it. They don’t understand how algorithms work and don’t understand about keyword phrases and how to optimize their YouTube channel. Furthermore, they don’t understand about consistently promoting your channel and brand and this is a never ending battle. Without a team of people, it becomes very difficult to follow through when every day life gets in the way.

SoloBoss is offering to be that team. We want to take these very talented people, regardless of skill level, and put them together so each person can help every other person. We have a plan and it begins with you taking the first step. We have put together a plan we believe will work to help everyone.
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Let’s take about the different methods to make money on YouTube.
a. Ads: Requires YouTube partnership program. Requires 4,000 watched hours in 1 year and 1,000 subscribers. If you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours you will make about $20.00 a year on YouTube. 600,000 or more subscribers that watch your content is necessary to make any serious money from ads on YouTube.

b. Selling Merchandise: People need to know to look for merchandise on your channel and you need a really good following to make any real money from this type of sales technique.

c. Affiliate marketing: This is okay but you need a lot of subscribers willing to sign up to these places in order to make any money.

d. Sign up to become a SoloBoss Content Provider. It is free to join. Earn 60% of the ad revenue from content you create, reach a much larger audience for your creative message, learn about how to properly post on YouTube, learn about keyword phrases and how to find them. Help other content providers while they help you.

People are subscribing to the SoloBoss YouTube channel because they want to see the content you created to get ideas for their own content. So they come and watch your videos. Your message gets to the world, they view ads, you make money. They subscribe to the channel.

Your video brought in 10 subscribers that month. You’ve created 20 videos this year. Each video brings in 10 subscribers that month. That is around 180 subscribers that year, in reality unless you’ve created all 20 videos in the same month. That is 180 subscribers the other content providers did not need to work to bring into the channel so you’ve helped them.

There are 10 other content providers and they’ve each created 20 videos as well. Their videos bring in 10 subscribers each month. That is around 1,800 subscribers for the year that you did not need to work to bring in but every video that is uploaded by you will go out to an additional 2,400 subscribers. This equates to more people reached for your creative message and more revenue earned.

Using the same concept as above, there are 50 additional content providers or 100 or even 1,000. We have a plan to make this entire plan work well so everyone benefits and this is where you go now that you’ve picked up some skills. What is the worst thing we are going to say? Go watch our free video tutorials and read our free SoloBoss articles on design?

Note: Initially, the ad revenue will not be enough to take over a full time job but as subscribers grow and content grows the ad revenue will increase as well. Each content provider working as their own SoloBoss helps every other content provider because we do it together and pretty soon this initiative will make enough to replace that full time job.
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