Scrolling Movie Credits

This article explains how to create a movie style credit scrolling effect in Doodly. We explain how to control the speed and provide a video tutorial for our English speaking Facebook fans.

Note: Most video editing software packages will allow for creation of this effect but having viewed a few of them, even though it is easier to do it in those packages than in Doodly, I prefer the smoothness at which Doodly provides the effect under these instructions and that I can control the speed of the scroll.


Note: This effect uses the a combination of everything that has been taught throughout the SoloBoss video tutorials and written articles. We use scalable text on the canvas, pan and zoom, the timeline duration, layers delay and duration settings, additional end of scene time and the SoloBoss alignment tool.
We have a SoloBoss video tutorial on this effect. We do suggest reading this article first prior to watching the video tutorial. The video tutorial was one of the first we created so it has all the same beginner mistakes that we have taught not to do in this tutorials.
SoloBoss Scrolling Movie Credits: Scrolling Movie Credits Effect

Scalable Text

All fonts in Doodly are SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics so we can make them extremely small and not lose quality. This is important for working with delays and for the amount of text credits that can be scrolled through. Place our text on the canvas where was want the scrolling credits to begin and end. This may require some adjustments to ensure that Doodly provides the appearance the text is scrolling off the screen.

Creating a Delay

We adjust the size of the text on the canvas to be smaller and provide more space between the top of the text and the bottom of that top bounding box in the pan and zoom area. This will allow us to create a delay before the pan provides the appearance of the text scrolling.

Pan and Zoom area

This is where the magic happens. We unlock the start so we can adjust the start bounding box to be above the text. The higher it is above the text, the more of a delayed appearance we provide to the viewer. The end bounding box goes below the text. We adjust the two boxes to ensure the width of the bounding boxes stretches past the width of the text and the height of them does not cross each other.

Timeline Duration

We increase the length of the Pan and Zoom assignment across the timeline to provide a slower scrolling effect. The less time we use, the faster the scrolling effect will appear.

Layers Delay and Duration

The duration will always stay 0 unless you want to reveal the text while it is scrolling. The delay should also stay at 0 but can be adjusted to the desired length based on the effect that is attempting to be portrayed to the viewer.

Additional End of Scene Time

This can be kept at a minimal of 1.5 seconds and a maximal time should be no more than 5.5 seconds unless another effect is being sought after which requires a greater time than 5.5 seconds