50. What is a Solo Boss Content Provider?

Short answer: A Solo Boss Content Provider is a revenue opportunity for you, the content provider, to reach more than what you are doing now.

Detailed answer: There is so much more to video design than just creating a video. There is a tremendous amount of work involved after that content is created. You’ve got to decide where to host your video. How will you find people? Will you use YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TikTok or some other platform? Perhaps you just want to work for clients and make money that way. What platforms will you advertise, do you have the funds to make it work?

Becoming a Solo Boss Content Provider provides a solution to all those questions. Whether you want to just reach a larger audience or want to earn money to help pay the bills, therefore Solo Boss has created this free opportunity. To help you earn your potential and give you somewhere to turn with a helping hand, so you don’t have to do all the hard lifting yourself when real life gets in the way.

Quality Video Assets

The Internet is almost completely commercialized at this point. Long gone are the days where you can obtain free commercial use images, stock video footage, sound effects, or music. There are resources out there but nowhere near as plentiful as it once was years ago. Most of these video resource websites convince you to come aboard and provide limited access to low-quality assets and then advertise for the higher quality assets in their paid version.

As video creators, we need very high-quality stock videos, sound effects, and images to bring our concepts to life. Solo Boss pays for and provides free access to over 200,000 video asset resources for its content providers.

Copyright and trademark infringement trolls are on the loose (These are attorneys searching for you to cause a copyright infringement so they can charge you astronomical amounts of money they know you cannot afford). We are past the days of just going and grabbing something and using it in our videos or designs. You must now pay to use the items in your videos. As a Solo Boss content provider, we have you covered, and it doesn’t cost you any money out of pocket to use these resources. The only thing you need to do, is do what you love to do, make videos, and post them on the Solo Boss channel.

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Revenue Sharing

We see a lot of talented video designers that want to make it but don’t know how. Please ask yourself the question Why did I learn and am learning video design? You’ve gone through or are going through the training. You’re learning a lot. Whether you are looking for money or just want to make your family proud of you, where do you turn? How do you earn revenue from your newly taught skills? Really think about why you are going into video design. Solo Boss wants to give you that opportunity that nobody else will by sharing in the ad revenue earned on our channel from content you create. The entire goal to create videos for money is to sell your videos to clients. Solo Boss is willing to be that client and purchase your videos sight unseen and share the recurring monthly revenue earned from your videos. The content you create brings in revenue from ads watched by our viewers. Every video you create and post to the Solo Boss channel brings in more revenue. The more content you create and post, the more ad revenue comes into the channel, the more revenue you earn. It is as easy as that.

You create 1 video a month and upload it to the channel. This is 1 video that earns ad revenue every month. This is only 12 videos a year. You will not make as much as the content provider that is uploading 10 videos a month or 120 videos a year. If ten videos are created and uploaded a month well, this becomes 10 revenue streams for potential earning from ads and by the end of the year, this becomes 120 videos consistently earning revenue every month. You can see how your earning potential can go up and up the more content you create for the Solo Boss channel.

Let’s discuss some other topics and ways to earn revenue not using the Solo Boss Content Provider opportunity.


TikTok provides many methods to earn revenue but not without a catch.

a) Going Live: Requires 1,000 subscribers. Your subscribers give you gifts and those equal revenue. This sounds like the “work my buns off and hope I get subscribers for a hope and pray my subscribers give me gifts method”.

b) TikTok Creator Fund: This is a 1-billion-dollar fund! Whoa! Right?! Well, TikTok created this fund to pay out to its followers. The requirements to qualify is that you must have 10,000 followers and 10,000 views in the last 30 days. You must be at least 18 years old, and it pays about $0.04 US per 1,000 views. That’s $0.40 US for 10,000 views and $40.00 US per 100,000 views. When is the last time you saw a Doodly video go viral? Never? Exactly so this choice requires a lot of work to see any serious revenue.

c) Sponsorship: This requires the video creator to create a sponsor media kit and go out and actively find sponsors. There is no list of sponsors for which we are aware so the video creator must find the sponsors as well. Sponsors receive media kits from other Tik Tok video creators doing the same thing, so this doesn’t sound like a very appealing method either.

d) Sell Products: Sell different products to your followers. This is another hope and pray method. Work extra hard and long hours at getting a lot of followers and then hope and pray they buy something to help you keep surviving.

e) Affiliate Marketing: This type of advertising has been out since shortly after the first HTML pages came out on the Internet. Video content creators can promote other company’s products. To work, this method requires a lot of followers or subscribers. It also heavily relies upon the affiliate marketing link to work, and you only earn revenue if the followers buy it at the time of clicking on your affiliate link. If they save it and come back later, typically you don’t earn any revenue. I have affiliate marketing links that are supposed to be bringing in revenue but have never see anything yet.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is a great platform if you are already Internet famous and have lots of fans looking for you on this platform. If you are not known, this is probably not the best platform to try and earn revenue. There are two straight forward methods when trying to earn revenue on Vimeo.

a) Vimeo OTT (Anyone can sign up)

b) Vimeo On Demand (This requires a paid subscription)

3. Facebook

Facebook doesn’t allow you to start including ads on your videos until you have 150,000 views on your videos. This method requires lots of followers.

4. Commercializing

Perhaps you don’t want to post your videos on any type of social media and are thinking about just working for clients. How do you find those clients? Places like Fiverr are crawling with thousands of inefficient content creators selling video creations for $5.00 to $50.00 to try and earn revenue so they can eat that day. Please like Fiverr have become a gathering place for people that steal software and assets and use them in their clients’ videos illegally knowing the client doesn’t know any better. It doesn’t matter that this is a big no-no or that you are paying for your assets legally, this is still your competition when choosing to fight for a job on those platforms.
Maybe thinking about advertising on Google and Facebook. These are great ideas if you have deep pockets and lots of money to advertise. This also requires an insane amount of training and knowledge to know how to work the advertising platforms interface. Additionally, an extensive amount of knowledge about marketing is required along with the time to create the ads and get them out in front of everyone.

There is always creating a website. Do you have the knowledge to create a website or the funds to pay someone to do it for you? Paying someone isn’t cheap and can go into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on how complex the website becomes while it is being built and who you’re using for the programming and designing company.
You can simply skip all the hassle and become a Solo Boss Content Provider. It’s easy, it’s free and potential clients will be viewing content you create. When these clients like your work, we will request to hire you for these jobs.

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5. YouTube

One last platform we want to touch base on and that is YouTube. YouTube algorithms are seriously difficult to try and crack and they change all the time. Trying to find subscribers is not easy and people just finding you with all the corporate competition doesn’t happen anymore. This is a very tough method and requires a lot of time and energy if you are doing it by yourself! This is where many talented content creators fail. They create these amazing videos and 0 clue on how to work with YouTube and their algorithms. They find themselves with a very low number of subscribers trying to make it on YouTube for years before they finally give up. They failed because it takes a team to know what to do on YouTube to help the provider. Without a team of people, this method is extremely hard to follow through with when life gets in the way.

Solo Boss will help be that team for our content providers. Someone the content provider turns to for assistance and can lean on to help make it on YouTube. These very talented content creators work separately but together on the Solo Boss channel helping each other without even knowing one another.
This all begins with sending us a video for review.

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There are different methods in which to earn revenue on YouTube.

a. Advertisements: Requires YouTube Partnership Program. This requires 4,000 watched hours in 1 year and 1,000 subscribers on your channel to sign up and sign ups to the YouTube Partnership Program are not guaranteed acceptance. Even if you reach these goals, the payout from YouTube is very minimal.

b. Selling Merchandise: Requires a lot of subscribers and excellent communication skills. The viewers must know exactly how to look for the merchandise and how to purchase it. Deals must be worked out with merchandisers. Merchandise is always changing so creating a short hard coded commercial in your videos is not feasible. The only method is to post links in your description. When was the last time you read the description on a YouTube video?

c. Affiliate marketing: Requires lots of subscribers willing to sign up to these places. Affiliate marketing websites make money by advertising to your clients and selling their information to other people. The only way to earn revenue is if your viewers purchase directly after clicking your affiliate link and don’t come back later.

d. Sign up to become a Solo Boss Content Provider. Free to sign up. Earn a recurring revenue stream from every video for the content for which you create. Reach a larger audience. Learn how to post on YouTube and how to search for and use keyword phrases once you find them. Seamlessly help other content providers while they help you.

You post a video to the Solo Boss YouTube channel. This goes out to all Solo Boss subscribers. Viewers watch your video and share it with their friends. Those friends subscribe to the Solo Boss YouTube channel to view more content you create. These could be potential clients and your message gets out to the world. The viewers view advertisements, and you earn revenue. Repeat the process with more videos that get uploaded for content you created. Other content providers are doing exactly the same thing, and this helps you because more subscribers from their videos show up on the channel that are able to watch the video you created and uploaded to the channel.

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