49. What is a proper video editing process or what do I create first; the audio or the doodle/video or how do I streamline my video editing process?

Everyone has their own method of creating videos. I find that this question as 3 answers depending on what type of project or video is being created. Both answers below require using tools outside of Doodly.

Video created using only Doodly

A doodle that is created only using Doodly, it is best to:

a) Write your voiceover script.

b) Use Adobe Audition or another audio editing software to record your voiceover and edit your script. Get a good external microphone.

c) Edit your voiceover with Adobe Audition removing heavy breathing, lip smacks, microphone noise, background noise, crackles and anything else that is out of place.

d) Import that voiceover into Doodly and then make your doodle around it. That is the fastest method of creating the video. There is no magic method to syncing up the audio. It’s done by trial and error by playing the audio multiple times and looking at the basic audio timeline provided as well as the play head and using the duration and delay sections of an asset that is being drawn on the screen.

Screen Recording

a) Record your screen.

b) Watch your recording while writing your voiceover.

c) Record your voiceover.

d) Sync up the audio to the video. There is no magic method for this process. It takes a very long time and is very tedious.

Repetitive or Templated Projects

These are projects which will use the same theme with different content. This highly depends on whether there will be a voiceover. If there is and the voiceover will be different refer back to the voiceover instructions above in the first example.

a) Create the base of the doodle without the content. Anything that will be the same from project to project.

b) Duplicate your project multiple times renaming the project each time.

c) Use the different projects to add the content that will be different in each project when required. Keep in mind the duration and delay settings will likely need to be adjusted when adding the content.

Read our Creation Process written tutorial.