YouTube Intros and Outros

This document explains the details about intros and outros and the different methods they can be incorporated into your doodles.

What is an Intro?

This is short for introduction and it holds true to its name. This is the very first thing that plays when a viewer watches a video. It is typically a small 5 to 15 second introduction video typically telling the viewer about the company, YouTube channel, or the creator of the video. Introductions are typically videos and not static images but can be doodles or something else that is moving. Static images don’t usually work well as an intro unless coupled with a pan or zoom function to provide the appearance of movement.

What is an Outro?

This is short of outroduction. An outro on YouTube is the last 20 seconds of a video. There are several templates in Production Crate for YouTube outros.

YouTube has many configurations for intros and outros but Production Crate makes it an easier choice. This choice does require knowledge of video editing software outside of using Doodly or converting the video to a GIF for importing into Doodly.
Read Advanced Skill Level Doodly Tutorial #13: Insert a Video into a Doodle for more information on that subject.
The outro is one of the opportunities that YouTube allows for keeping the viewer on your videos. This is the last communication pipeline between the viewer and provider before they lose the viewer.

Doodly Intros and Outros

We can absolutely make our own introductions and outroductions using Doodly. Doodly is limited in what it can do but it is not difficult to create an introduction with Doodly revealing the characters. An outro just takes leaving some spots open where you are going to place the items YouTube provides to go to the next videos and the subscribe button or whatever setup you will choose to use within Doodly.