Finding Additional Doodly Assets

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know and more about Doodly Assets is in this article. Should you purchase? Is it worth it? Can I get some for free? Can I buy them? Can I make them myself?


Doodly Assets
An asset that has the rainbow paths built into it. This only includes assets with Rainbow paths that can be controlled with the rainbow addon feature in Doodly.

Image Assets
An assortment of imported images, SVG’s, PNG, JPG and GIF animations.

Paid Assets
A combination of Doodly and Other Assets that can be purchased from a variety of places.

Free Assets
Free doesn’t always mean better but there are several places available to obtain Doodly and Other Assets free of charge.

Asset Creation
Self creating assets to be imported into the Doodly software using free or paid software packages. Self creating does not mean the creator must possess artist like skills.

Finding Assets

Free Assets

  • Question #5 of the SoloBoss Doodly Frequently Asked Questions, “Where can I obtain free commercial use assets?”, provides several places with links to obtain Free Doodly Assets.
  • Bryxen has provided several free assets over the years. Digging through the Doodly Design Group’s Announcement tab will provide a ton of free Doodly Assets that have been provided over the years. To save time, question #5 of the SoloBoss Top 50 Doodly Frequently Asked Questions, "Where can I obtain free commercial use assets?", has direct links to the announcements that provide free Doodly Assets or use the link to check out all the individual announcements. DDG Announcements
  • run by Dean Farrand provides free Doodly Assets. Dean is the artist that created about 90% of the Doodly Assets found in both the Doodly program and the marketplace.
  • has a severe about of Image Assets that can be downloaded and used for free. Please read the license for usage for this website.
  • The SoloBoss Working with Images video tutorial provides quite a few places to obtain Free for commercial use Image Assets. Always read licensing agreements as they can change.
    Doodly Beginner Video Tutorial: Working with Images
  • Doodly and Toonly PNG’s provides free Image Assets: Doodly and Toonly PNG’s

Paid Assets

  • The Doodly Marketplace is a main avenue for locating Doodly Assets for purchase. It has a ton of assets available but is not the easiest website to navigate. A trick for for navigating this is to right click on the bundles wanting to be previewed and open in new tab instead of left clicking on them.
  • Doodly and Toonly PNG’s has paid options for Image Assets: Doodly and Toonly PNG’s
  • has a subscription service where he provides a lot of Doodly Assets.

Asset Creation

Almost anything that will save your images as a JPG, PNG or GIF will allow for creation of your assets. There are software packages, both free and paid, that will allow you to create your own characters.

  • PowerPoint allows for creating your own Toonly like characters that can be imported into Doodly but it does require an artist talent to make that happen.
  • Dopple Me will allow you to create your own characters that can be imported into your doodles.
  • Photo Effects will allow for turning images into cartoons.

A link to these websites is in the Image Effects section of question #5 of the SoloBoss Top 50 Doodly Frequently Asked Questions, “Where can I obtain free commercial use assets?”.

Additionally, the SoloBoss How to Create Photo Effects article will also lead you to quite a few websites where you can create your own assets.
Advanced Skill Level Doodly Tutorial #22: How To Create Photo Effects